THE NINE GRACES has been founded by two professionals with a long association with Naxos: Linda Aoun and Jenny Kapiniari. Our motivation for launching this business is our love for Naxos and a desire to raise the Naxian holiday experience to higher standards for tourists targeting luxury.

THE NINE GRACES serves as a channel between guests and property owners who wish to rent out their vacation homes. We aim to provide our personalized expertise to achieve the goals of all parties involved with ease. Each property is carefully chosen and selected to earn a place in our collection so that guests may immerse themselves in the Cycladic lifestyle for a luxurious worry-free stay.

    Why use our services?

    • We ensure your property is well maintained and any potential issues are quickly rectified.
    • We provide visibility for your property across multiple channels, allowing you to increase your revenue by increasing days rented and over time, higher prices.
    • We provide full transparency in regard of all our fees; nothing is hidden.
    • We provide you with a hassle-free return – we take care of all the payments and all the problems that might occur with holiday rental.
    • Our team is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and quick to respond and all our partners are locally sourced.
    • Our website is user friendly and can manage reservations instantaneously.
    • Real time synchronization between all platforms and our website.

    If you have additional requests that are not included here, do not hesitate to contact us

    We look forward to a long term relationship with you and please contact us should you need any further information.

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